Contemporary Pop Tunes Dressed up in the Past


Originally arranged for Dobro, Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin, Voice and Washboard, or whatever else was at hand,

this sampling of instrumental musical sketches borrows from the popular 1-4-5 music idioms of the early twentieth century.

Some appear with a contemporary orchestral arrangement and some with sparser 

arrangements, but all appear for rehearsal and instruction purposes only.


Please keep in mind that you are listening to the scoring software

playing back scored sketches, not actual recordings.



Personal use downloads are free, inquire about Commercial use licensing.

Printed music scores are available for all selections.

All selections Copyright L D SMARDON 1970-2024, in aeternum.

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Back in the day of six-nighter contracts and Saturday matinee performances,

Dudlow had been at it for a good long while, crisscrossing the country 

with his band, gigging the smoke-hazy bars, lounges and hotels.

But nowadays he prefers the quieter solo gig of the open street, where

its ultimate freedom has inspired the many narratives behind his music.

Known for his Dobro Duolian as "the man with the shiny guitar", he has bottlenecked his way

through countless busking gigs and continues to ramble wherever the story takes him.

These are some of his musical reveries.